Managed Social Media

Increase brand recognition and website rankings with social media.


Social Media Account Setup

Don't have a Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter business page? You can kiss many opportunities goodbye. Not having social media pages is much like not having a website at the turn of the 21st century. We can help you set up business pages across all of the major social media platforms in less than a day, so you can begin managing your online reputation effectively.


Social Media Follower Acquisition

Facebook & Instagram Ads can be effectively used for a variety of purposes. Snap Chat Ads are growing in use as well. You can build your followers, focus on generating leads or increase brand recognition all through these platforms. These social media platforms also offer excellent targeting and testing capabilities which makes them more cost effective than other outbound advertising methods such as television, print, radio or billboards.


Social Media Follower Engagement

Many organizations don't have the time to manage their content on social media, but what you say or don't say on social media matters. You would never walk into a networking event and talk to no one. What you say to people during that event also will impact your brand.

That is how we approach social media marketing. We will learn the personality of your brand, represent it well through properly written and proofed content, and make sure it is not only engaging, but consistent. Additionally, we will drive your social media followers to your website, so you can begin collecting information on them and begin marketing to them through email.


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