Coldwell Banker Premier Realty (CBPR) is a progressive real estate company that employed me to help them with several of their top marketing initiatives for 2015.


Strategic planning, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, geo-targeted marketing, marketing automation, predictive marketing, market research & analysis, big data, product development, customer relationship management (CRM), email campaign management, team building, employee management, sales coaching, 3rd party vendor procurement and management, performance tracking & analytics, cold-calling, employee/executive presentations, contract negotiation, in-person presentations, blogging, copy writing, graphic design, user-interface design, social media, software training.


Departmental fragmentation

Abundance of available solutions

Apprehensive agents

Multiple data sources


State-of-the-art technology

Healthy marketing budget

Stakeholder belief in digital marketing

Franchise support

Highly talented team

Data access


100+ sales associate buy-in (far exceeding minimum needed to launch program)

Additional +12 million in real estate sales in 3 quarters

Increase in branded touches by over 1/2 million per month

Dramatic increase in sales associate online proficiency


As the Director of Marketing & Creative Services for Coldwell Banker Premier Realty (CBPR), I was employed to advise Executive Council on the overall direction of their marketing efforts. My first objective was to establish better organization of their marketing efforts by creating a marketing department that would support and manage every marketing project. 

Additionally, I created an overarching marketing plan that would not only address the needs of each department within the company, but also create programs and products for agents to boost their businesses by leveraging human resource efforts and knowledge across multiple departments.

Among many measurable achievements, the initiative that has proved to have the greatest impact on revenue was the geo-targeted marketing campaign. This project demanded a strategic thinker with the ability to see the project and its interworking’s from a high level, the ability to actualize the product through collaborating with multiple levels of internal and external resources with varying levels of expertise and the ability to achieve and/or exceed minimum enrollment goals through their influence on the packaging and delivery of the product to a large agent body. CBPR now has a product that covers the costs of their marketing department and that they can continue to develop throughout the future in an integrated fashion.






Central Recovery is a behavioral health company located in Las Vegas, NV that originally interviewed me as a candidate to manage their digital assets. After my initial interview with their Chief Technical Officer, it became apparent that their real need was for guidance on their overall marketing and communications which was ultimately what I was hired on to do.


Strategic planning, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, digital marketing, closed-loop marketing, market research & analysis, product development, media buying, 3rd party vendor procurement and management, project management, ad-hoc reporting, call tracking system implementation, sales coaching, customer relationship management (CRM) implementation strategy, team/department building and management, business relationship management (BRM), email campaign management, performance tracking & analytics, cold-calling, online sales presentation, contract negotiation, stakeholder presentations, social media, blogging, copy writing, graphic design, user-interface design, SEO, digital PR, online reputation management.


Open-source software requirements

Changing initiatives

Insurance acceptance

Facility conditions

Relatively limited PPC budget


Deep financial resources

Full support of stakeholders and staff

Experimental professional environment

Purpose driven stakeholders

Dynamic team


Restored daily average census

Upgraded closed-loop lead tracking capabilities

Enhanced market presence

Long-term strategic road map

Stabilized publishing company’s online marketing budget


Central Recovery is the parent company of several behavioral health entities in Las Vegas, NV. I was initially employed as their Vice President of Digital Marketing & Communications to manage and grow all their digital assets. Their existing platforms were extremely outdated and costly, and their digital presence was lacking.

In two years, I worked cross-functionally and interdepartmentally to identify and implement several systems that together would create a CRM centric, closed loop sales & marketing platform that would increase business and allow them to monitor and improve all communications with everyone from their referring partners, to past clients to possible future clients.

Eventually I was promoted to Vice President of Communications where I worked closely with the Senior VP of

Communications to develop a long-term strategic business plan that is still followed to this date. This plan was a continuation of the digital marketing & communications plan I had created before being promoted and left CR with an astoundingly enhanced digital footprint with thousands of additional brand followers across every channel. 





realistiQ is a state-of-the-art real estate technology company that employed me at their 8-year mark to renew and increase their number of annual contracts by improving product quality, enhancing service delivery and by taking their sales & marketing efforts to the next level.


Market research, customer relationship management (CRM), email campaign management, analytics, cold-calling, online sales presentation, contract negotiation, in-person presentations, product management, business relationship management, blogging, copy writing, graphic design, user-interface design, CSS/HTML & SEO.


No online advertising budget

No remote sales budget

Pre-existing local market exclusivity

Minimal familiarity with product & market


Support from key-players including stakeholders, existing customers, peripheral professionals

Strong unique sales position

Talented web dev team

Technology (CRM, CMS, Blog, Custom programming)

Complimentary skill-set


40% boost in 5-6 figure annual contracts (2-4 years)

Expansion of market reach across the nation, multiple brands and into Canada

Increased brand awareness throughout industry

Enhanced web presence for both employer and customer base

Improved quality of product & service delivery

Revived faith in existing customer base


As the new Director of Sales & Marketing for realistiQ, I was expected to produce unprecedented results for an 8-year-old company with the real estate industry existing at the center of the Great Recession. 

As a creative problem solver, I was able to minimize the impacts of budget restrictions by identifying existing internal human and technology resources that would allow us to establish communication channels that proved vital to our success.

As a fast learner, I was able to quickly familiarize myself with a complex set of products & services, research and identify how they met our market’s demand and adopt our industry’s language so that I could effectively communicate with our target audience across our communication channels.

As a strategic thinker, I was able to develop and implement an effective sales & marketing plan that would utilize our newly allocated resources in conjunction with our findings through market research to reach a highly targeted audience and nearly double realistiQ’s contractual agreements in one year–meanwhile enhancing their level of product and service quality.