A branding effort would not be complete without effective design to back you up. We look at the design of our clients’ collateral similar to that of a person’s expression. If you are trying to convey a certain emotion, you use a visual expression to support the words that you choose. Well, accomplish this through a deep dive in typography, color, concept, form as well as symbols and other visual elements that can be used to support your message.

Of course, any design we produce would be professionally produced and screened by our Creative Director and Owner, Jesse Olive. Jesse has over 20 years of design experience who benefited from a visiting artist program at the University of Tennessee where he majored in Graphic Design with a concentration in Multi-Media and was fostered by instructors from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), NC State and School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) — three of the most prominent Design/Art Schools in the United States.